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Per Stenius

Per Stenius - Digital Creative Director

I'm a digital creative based in Stockholm, Sweden. I was the first one ever employed at Farfar, one of the world's most successful digital agencies (ranked #1 in The Gunn report 2007) and stayed there for almost a decade. Within the first year of my career I managed to win a Cannes Lions Grand Prix and since then I've received over 50 International advertising awards. Basically I just love creating cool shit on the web and calling it "work".

Per Stenius's Background

Per Stenius's Experience

Surprise Department at McCann Europe

January 2012 - April 2013

I worked in a small "SWAT" team within McCann with a main focus on coming up with mostly digital and offbeat ideas. We were based in Stockholm but worked with McCann's different European offices and clients. Clients include Sony, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Nespresso and Nesquik.

Creative Director at Blast Radius

February 2010 - August 2011

Blast Radius is a digital agency, headquartered in Vancouver, but with 10 offices around the world. I worked as the Creative Director on the global digital Nike Jordan and Nike Golf accounts, but was also involved in work for EA Sports, Yahoo! and Starbucks

Digital Director at Farfar

August 2000 - February 2010

The now-defunct Farfar is widely considered as one of the top digital agencies of all time. The last 4 years of its existence, Farfar was ranked in the world top 5 for digital agencies (The Gunn report 2007-2010). At Farfar I created numerous global campaigns and worked with brands like Absolut, Adidas, Bjorn Borg, Brio, Nokia, Red Bull and Red Cross to name a few.

Digital Director at wwwins consulting

April 2007 - June 2007

Wwwins is one on China's most prominent digital agencies, with offices in Shanghai, Bejing, Taipei and Hong Kong. I was working in their main office for a few months in 2007 as part of an Isobar exchange program. I worked with the clients Adidas, Coca-Cola and Disney.

Graphic Designer / Intern at Starlet Deluxe

January 2000 - May 2000

Head of Digital at McCann Stockholm

May 2013

Essentially my job is to inspire digital innovation and make sure the agency creates the best possible digital work. I'm working across all the agencies clients and I'm involved in all work we do in the digital channels. Both from a creative and production standpoint.

Co-founder at Kinda like a big deal

August 2011

My own little playground where I, together with my good friend Oskar Sundberg + various collaborators, make stuff. Just for fun. Projects so far include, and And lots more fun stuff in the works.

Per Stenius's Education

Nackademin yrkeshogskola

1999 – 2000

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